Husbando is a human furnace. He's just warm natured. So you can bet that makes sleepytime a little uncomfortable from time to time, especially in this crazy heat.  So, here are some of the things people do to cool down and get a good night's sleep.

A British furniture company called Feather and Black did a survey recently to find out how people keep cool in bed during the summer.  Here are the five top responses:

#1.)  42% of people open the window.

#2.)  25% of people say they switch to lighter bedspreads.

#3.)  Here's the one you were waiting for:  21% of people beat the heat by sleeping NAKED.  And guys are more likely to do it:  26% of men will strip down for bed when it gets hot . . . compared to 16% of women.

#4.)  11% of people wear lightweight cotton pajamas or nighties.  Women are three times more likely than men to wear skimpy clothes to bed.

#5.)  1% keep cool by switching to satin sheets.

What do you do to cool down in this hot weather?

Sleepily yours,

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