Sometimes I go on the internet in search of cuteness.  I struck the jackpot today.


So that, my friends, is a young little horse named Bliss.  She's in Eldon, and she's up for adoption through Petfinder. Doesn't she look like.... soft and fluffy?  As if you'd want to pet her all dang day. I looked up her ....what is it called? Her breed? I think that's it. They get some pretty fly looking manes and tails.  Long, kinda wavy, fluffy looking.

We never did have horses on my Grandparent's farm back in the 80s.  They had cows, chickens, dogs, the typical stuff.  But never any horses. I don't even remember if I've ever ridden a horse.  I know I paid maybe ten bucks to ride a camel at the State Fair years and years ago, but I don't think I've ever been on a horse.

Maybe I should adopt her!  I have a decent backyard.  She can hang out there.  I'd have to figure out how to feed it, I'd have to get a building or something for her to sleep in at night. Eh, Husbando doesn't need all those tools in the garage.  We can just get rid of all that stuff, she can live in there!  Of course, hay is going to have to be bought. Might be a little tricky to do that. I remember Kiwanis had a kid's day, and one of our members dropped off a bale of hay to the shelter at Liberty Park like an hour before we all got there, and it was gone.  Someone Stole Hay.  That's correct.  So that might make a new horse acquisition a little  more difficult, if people are going to be stealing her hay out of my yard. I mean, I know we have cameras, but.....

I'm kidding, of course.  I'm not going to adopt a horse, no matter how cute she is. I just like looking at the pictures and pretending, I guess. I do the same thing with the Sedalia Animal Shelter Facebook page.  Not having much inspiration? Bam.  Cute animals. You're done.

And hey, if you're really thinking you need a cute horse, Eldon isn't that far away.

Adoptingly yours,


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