I've always seen these around town, and I always wondered about them. 

I guess that's a strange thing to wonder about, but what else is new.


You saw more of them in the eighties, definitely.  I think a lot of houses that used to have windows like that have been redecorated.  So it was a trend at some point, but I haven't seen it anywhere other than here.  But then, I didn't exactly travel a lot as a kid due to lack of money and driving ability. There's only so far you can go on kid legs on a bike, after all.

I did a Google image search, and got nothing.  I have no idea if they're just something we did here, or if it was a nationwide thing (seems more likely to be anyway).  I don't know how they work or what the style is called.  Does each window open? Is it just certain ones?  Is it good for circulation?  Do you have to have a little curtain for each one?

My mom used to call them "Chicken Coops".  I kind of took that to mean it was an insult, but... I kinda like em.  Maybe it's the retro lover in me, I don't know.  You saw these around town in the eighties too, right? It can't be just me that remembers them.  What did you call them? What's the real name for them?

I have so many burning questions, you guys. Can you answer some of them?

Windowingly yours,


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