My paternal grandparents were from the south. They married young and eventually made their way up to our area.  They started off in Sedalia but eventually bought a little land outside of Smithton.  They had four kids, three girls and a boy (my Dad).  Then of course there were thousands of us kids.


When I was a kid, we'd go up there every weekend and just run ourselves ragged. It was a little house, just a two bedroom one, but it was full of laughing, pancakes in the morning, and DOGS. Oh man, there was always a dog, and I think at the peak there were something like ten dogs in that house. But it was part of the charm, really.

Being a lady from the south, Gramma took on a little bit of our Midwestern accent over time, but generally she had her own way of speaking. But really, ALL of our  Grammas were like that, weren't they? They just spoke differently, it's part of Grammadom. So I put together a little list of some of the words Grammas just say diffurnt.


Walmart — Walmarts
Library — Liberry
Your — Yer
Oil — Oral
Closet — Clowset
Guitar - Geetar
Toilet — Turlet
Store — Stow
Midnight — Mitnight
Shrimp — Skrimps
Except — Ipsect
Wash — Warsh
Birthday — Birtday
Oven — Ervin

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Diffurntly yers,


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