It's a weird thing when you become an adult - you kind of stop making friends, don't you?  I've noticed that in recent years.  The friends that I have now are pretty  much the same people I've been friends with since my younger days. Every now and then a new person will pop up, but generally I don't really go out and look for new people to meet. Maybe I've met my friend quota? I don't know.

Maybe it's because when we were younger, we were forced to be in close quarters with tons of people our own age in school. And in higher education, that's even more pronounced because you're studying with people similar to your interests. And there are sometimes people you work with that you make friends with (I know I have over the years).

So it really hit me in the feels when I looked on the Sedalia Reddit page and saw this:

Where could I meet some friends? I've been to most of the bars around town and the only friends I've made are very superficial. I'm looking for like a fishing buddy, someone to game (PC) with, w/e really I'm pretty easy to get along with

I totally feel for this dude. He moved to Sedalia, and he's trying! He's reaching out to the vastness of the internet and asking for something positive. It's hard to broach that subject when you're an adult. You don't want to seem like you're asking "Hey, will you be my friend?" but... you kinda are. What's so wrong with that? We all want friends, don't we?

Do you have any suggestions for him? Maybe we can introduce him to someone you know, or maybe even you! He seems legit, and not wanting anything untoward. Come on, Sedalia, let's get this guy a fishing buddy!

Friendily  yours,


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