A lot of the people I work with, including me, have the option of working from home these days. 

I'm sure you've seen it too, there have to be a few people in your life who have set up a home office or have  a special spot in the house for their work space. WELL, it seems like everybody but me decided to use that option Monday! It was fine, I mean, it was actually kinda cool to be all alone in the building.  I'll  show you.

Alone At Work

Sure, I kept THINKING I heard the phone ring (it didn't) and I kept THINKING I heard someone at the door (I didn't) but over all it was kinda cool.  I don't have my speakers set up in my office so I didn't, you know, rock out or whatever, but.  It was kinda neat to be here and know that I could just do what I want.

And my work, of course.  I worked, promise.

Solitarily yours,


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