You guys, I finally attended my first ever full blown college footyball game. 

Now don't get it wrong, I've been to sporting events before.  But mostly if I was at a game of foot, it was either to be in the halftime show or support the band.  So I wasn't really watching the game itself.

And that's not because I think I'm better than sports or whatever.  And it's not that I don't understand the game.  It's just that I'm missing whatever that little notch in your DNA is that brings competitiveness to the table.  I don't mind watching the game, but I don't care who wins or who loses.  So that makes it less "high stakes" for me, as opposed to others out there.

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Others, for example, like my boyfriend, who we'll refer to as NJ.  NJ is a huge ballfoot fan, and he watches all of it, but he particularly likes the Chiefs.  I get it's a huge hobby for him and a lot of people.  It was just something I never got into, you know?  Anyway, when NJ suggested we go to this huge game, I said to myself, "Self, why not? You've never been.  It'll be a new experience!".  So that's what I did.

Going in, we were going to tailgate with an old friend of his.  And then, games, and then, done.  Simple enough, right?  Maybe.  Judge for yourself. Admittedly you're going to see this through an Idiot's Viewfinder.

An Idiot's First College Football Game

Behka attends the Mizzou Vs Georgia Game, and learned a few things.

Now for me, I thought it was fun. And even though Everybody we talked to prior to the game, before the game, and at the game told us there was NO WAY Mizzou was going to win (I heard a few "blowout" comments)... I thought they did pretty good! I mean, they were winning for most of it!  Yeah, they didn't at the end, but if Georgia is The Best Team and you guys got close?  That's pretty great!  So anyway, 8/10 would recommend, make sure you have a DD and matching hoodies.

Sportsballingly yours,

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