I've been a Beatles fan most of my life.  So this kinda seemed like a no brainer. So here's the thing - recently The Tonight Show did a game with their band leader, Questlove.  He had to identify Prince songs in one second. And he did it!


So, I decided to try the challenge myself with Beatles songs.  Here's the result.

So I managed to get them, even if it took a little longer than a second.  You can't really hear the music very well (we might work on that if we do it again), so if you're gonna watch you might turn up your volume or put on headphones.  Anyway, so here are the songs she chose: Octopus' Garden, Ask Me Why, Old Brown Shoe, Dizzy Miss Lizzie, Cayenne, and Twist and Shout.

Maybe we should do it again with our other Beatle geek in the building. Maybe a competition to redeem myself!

Beatley yours,


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