You guys, Christmas is, to me, at least, always a little bit fun.Sure, I know a lot of people take it seriously for different religious reasons, and that's perfectly valid!  But for those of us who aren't religious (read: me), it's at least partially about the fun of it all.

You get a lot of people together that you don't see very often, you eat a ton of great food, you have a couple drinks, a couple laughs, and somebody walks away a little happier with a gift.

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So that's why I decided to share this particular song in my series of Off Kilter Christmas Songs.  Just do you, you know?  If you want to have a little fun this year, why not?  This one is definitely one you won't hear while you're out shopping, although maybe you should.   It's by an old a capella singing group called The Bobs.  They did (I don't know if they're still together, but this was in the 1990s) some covers, some originals, and it was all in good fun.

And you know you've got that neighbor that just....goes All Out for Christmas time with the decorations, right?  Right.  Some of them even made it to this year's Light Up Pettis County Contest.   But none of them....went quite this far.

I particularly like how  "it's all wired for cable".  Because I know when I'm out looking for Christmas Lights to drive by.... I need to see a few episodes of syndicated Law and Order in the background.

Anyway, it's all just for giggles.  Enjoy!

Kilowattingly yours,

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