I love a good mystery. I've always loved mystery novels, and you know I'm down for just about any kind of freaky crime story. And it's always a little more interesting when the story is from somewhere you've been or somewhere more local. Skidmore is a little town about three hours north of us, with a population well below a thousand. It's a pretty quiet place, except for this one unsolved mystery.

Basically there was a town bully named Ken McElroy.  I'm sure you've heard of this, he was shot in front of dozens of witnesses in Skidmore, but no one identified a shooter. Here it's been over thirty years, but the case is still unresolved.

And now, a new perspective. Every now and then I'll search for our home state and see if there are any crazy stories but I don't always find something. So imagine my glee when a web series I watch, Buzzfeed Unsolved,  tackled something from Missouri!

It's a series where the two guys sit and talk about unsolved murders or hauntings or crimes or what have you. It's not meant to be very serious, and it's pretty entertaining, and the main host does do a lot of research, so I thought I'd share the video with you.  Keep in mind, this isn't meant for kids (violence, swearing) and you'll be fine.

What do you think? Do you think their theory is close to the truth? What do you think happened that day in Skidmore?

Detectively yours,


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