I know we hear a lot about different groups that are in Sedalia to try to help each other out.

And a lot of times, it can be overwhelming, especially for young people. They're expected to use their energy and time to volunteer and help people in town...but where do they start?  There are some big problems and big needs, what can one person do in the face of all of that?  It can be frustrating for anyone to see what's happening or not happening anywhere in Pettis County and not now what they can do.

I get it.  It can be a big commitment.  You can't be expected to use all your time to personally try to save the world. I've joined groups that I wanted to help, and they were all good causes, but sometimes you just don't have time for everything they need.  You wonder if you being there but not really able to do everything is a hindrance more than a help.  Isn't there a way you can find out more about clubs and causes here in town or in the surrounding areas BEFORE you join?  That way you can find out if what they do is a good fit for you and aligns with what you want to help with?

This can be particularly tricky for the young people who so desperately want to help, but they have such little time with school and extracurriculars.  But they need to do something, because if they want to put anything on their resume, or college applications, they gotta pick.... somebody. And with so many great causes, you can want to help them all and get easily overwhelmed.

Well, now you have a new option.  It's called the Community Engagement Fair, and it's going to have bunch of different service clubs and charity organizations under one roof.  That way if you're new to this whole volunteering thing, you can get a taste of what everyone is already doing, and choose how you want to get involved (in the best way you can).  And if you're looking for something new to add what you're already involved in, this is the event for you too!

So what groups are going to be there?  Well, there are going to be a lot, but here are just a sampling of who'll be available: Kiwanis Club, Lion's Club, Sedalia Young Professionals, Optimist, Mid Missouri Young Republicans, Masonic Lodge, Sedalia Rotary Club, Pettis County Cattleman's Association, Sedalia Runners Club, Sedalia Business Women, Cub Scouts, United Way, Human Resource Management, Adolescent Outreach... and probably a few others.

When and where? Thought you'd never ask. There will actually be three different events, so you can choose the time and date that works best for your schedule.  After all, college students might be more available during the day between classes as opposed to when they're working their part time jobs, adults might need something after the work day, etc etc. The first event is April 6th and will be at State Fair Community College in the Yeater. This event will be from 1:00-3:00.  The second event is April 13th and will be at Smith Cotton High School in the Gymnasium. This event will be from 1:00-2:00. The third event is April 21st from 5:00-7:30 and will be at First United Methodist in their Fellowship hall, this location is on Thompson Blvd.

So if you want to help and don't know how, pick a date and see what's up.  If you're already helping and want to do more, pick a date and see what's up.  If you're unsure about where to even start, pick a date and see what's up. 

You can find out more and reach out if you want to be at one of the events at their Facebook page.  But the first one is coming up soon, here's the flyer.


Get involved and stop by for a chat.  You may find that the way to really make a difference is something as small as saying yes to a local group.

Volunteeringly yours,

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