Kids are mean. I know it, you know it, it happens.I know I've done and said some stupid things over the years of my childhood. But then, I did have my own childhood dramaz as well with kids being mean to me. I remember a girl who I THOUGHT I was friends with in middle school inviting me up to her house for a weekend in Lee's Summit. We had a good time, typical seventh grade stuff. Then all of a sudden she accuses me of stealing from her (false) and cuts me out of her life. I have no idea why she did that, especially when her Mom backed me up and made her apologize. But by then, the damage had been done.

I was scrolling through the internet and found this the other day.


I honestly wonder about Teddy from time to time. Here's the deets, in case anyone has any idea what happened to him. He was my best friend in 6th grade, at a time when neither of us had ever had friends before. When I got halfway through 7th grade, I realized that I was not cool, and that Teddy was even less cool than me.  So, I started treating him like trash. All the while, I knew I was just faking being so mean. Down not-so-deep, I was grief-stricken. My grief didn't outmatch my loneliness, though, so I proceeded to mock and push him away. I was his only friend. I never saw or heard from him after 7th grade. I know nothing about his whereabouts after that year.

Here's what I know:

  1. Went to Sedalia Middle School in Sedalia, Missouri from 1992-1993.
  2. Had short, dark brown hair and dressed like he was straight out of a 70's-era western.
  3. Took band classes.
  4. Had freckles and blue eyes.

All I want to do is say I'm sorry, Teddy.


It's heartbreaking, isn't it? Poor Teddy. And poor Redditor! I have been on both sides of that story. And the thing is, I was at SMS around that time, I think I was a year above them. I don't remember any Teddy.

So does anybody know? What happened to Teddy? What happened to his friend? I HAVE TO KNOW,  YOU GUYS.

Curiously yours,

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