I don't know about you, but when I was a kid, I dug dinosaursHeh.  I'll see myself out.


No really, I'm sure you went digging in your backyard from time to time as a kid, looking for whatever you could find.  I think part of the time we were looking for arrowheads, but ambitious me also was looking for dinosaur fossils.  As I got older and mom's scolding to get me to stop digging worked, I stopped thinking about it.  And I never really did learn whether or not there were dinosaurs in our area.  But... turns out, there were dinosaurs here!  I found a YouTube clip recently (I know I have a problem with YouTube, I'm not ready to start the process to solve it) about a dinosaur that was actually found in Missouri, and it's now the state dinosaur! Check it out!

Hypsibema Missouriensis.

I did a little Googling and got the story fleshed out.  The bones were found on farmland when the family were trying to dig a well.  It's the only bones of a dinosaur that have been found in Missouri!  I didn't know this at all.  Maybe it'll inspire the young diggers out there to find more?

Parents, I apologize in advance for the havoc that may be wrecked on your back yards, but... maybe let em dig a little.  It gets em outside, social distanced, and trying to learn something, maybe? Knowing that Missouri has a dinosaur is already cool enough, though.

Are your kids into dinosaurs? Will you tell them about the Missouri Dinosaur? Did you already know about it and I'm just the typical clueless me?

Dinosauringly yours,


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