Just trust me on this one.  Please, for the love of all that's good and holy, trust me.

Husbando and I got married a few years ago.  I chose a day that was a Sunday for a few reasons.  Firstly, so some of my friends that had to work Saturdays could attend. Also, because it was October 9th, which is John Lennon's birthday, who is my favorite Beatle.  And as we all know, The Beatles are the best band of all time, so it really was a no brainer for me.

I still like the date, it's very good, don't get me wrong.  But.  I should have thought about the rest of the situation.  I did not account for the fact that the Tough Mudder competition was going on that very same weekend.  I called every  hotel in Sedalia at least six months in advance and asked about that weekend, and they were all already booked. I didn't even know Tough Mudder was a thing, much less that it was coming the weekend of my wedding.  It made it a bit of a hassle for friends of mine who wanted to come from far out of town, like Chicago and Arizona.  There were no hotels available anywhere!  One of my friends had to find a hotel in Warrensburg, which was a hassle.

So, please, future brides, listen to me.  Don't plan your wedding on August 10th.  Just don't do it.  That's the Saturday night of the Missouri State Fair.  I don't know what the concert is going to be, but you know the Saturday ones are usually the big ones.  You'll be in my same situation if you do this - there will be no hotels for your guests.  Everything in town will be focused on the Fair, and it will definitely distract you from your day.  And you don't want your family from other towns to have to deal with the Fair traffic the weekend of your big day, either. You don't want that.  You only get one of these, supposedly.

So maybe think about moving your date, just saying.  Fall weddings are nice, as I can tell you.  Nice and cool, not too cold, leaves changing, you get it.

Weddingly yours,


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