Thinking back years and years ago, this was back when I was still in college. I was getting through  my last semester at what is  now UCM.  On the weekends, I was working here at the stations, as what we call a "board op".  I can kind of unpack that, but I think it's easier if I just tell you it's a person who does all the stuff the full time people don't want to do.  And on the weekend.

When I started, I was in that very position.  I was so nervous with every little task they would give me.  I remember having to do a ten second weather forecast, and having to write out every word I was going to say because I was too nervous to just talk.  Of course, now I'm nowhere near like that and improvise all the time.  But in the beginning, I was so concerned that I was going to break something or take us off the air or do SOMETHING wrong that I would dream about the sound sensor.  What's that, you ask?

It's the sound of nightmares, is what it is. That happens when any of our stations are off the air for more than thirty seconds.  Imagine THAT in your dreams.  Not pleasant.  But, you guys have different things to dream about when it comes to your workplace.

So, to the internet! Here are six common dreams people have about their jobs, and what they usually mean, according to experts.

1.  Sleeping with a co-worker you're not attracted to.  It doesn't mean you're attracted to them subconsciously.  It usually means there's some aspect of their personality that you wish you had.

2.  Just being at the office.  Meaning your entire dream is you working.  That one's actually pretty straightforward.  It just means you're stressed out about your job.

3.  Showing up to work naked.  It means you're worried that your boss or one of your co-workers will find out about something that you don't want them to know.

4.  Dreaming that you killed your boss.  It usually means you're frustrated, because you feel like they control you, and you can't do anything about it.

5.  Dreaming that you're running late for work.  It usually has something to do with feeling like you're not living up to expectations, whether they're your boss's or your own.

6.  Getting fired.  It means you're anxious about something, and it's your way of subconsciously preparing yourself in case you DO get fired.

Do you have work dreams or nightmares? What do you dream about?  Is it something simple or silly or scary?

Dreamingly yours,

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