I was just wondering about this the other day, because sometimes I drive by Horace Mann on 16th on my way home. What I've always done is slowed down, no matter what time of the year it is.  The way I see it, sometimes kids will play on the playgrounds back there in the summer.  And if they're around, you know they're probably not paying attention to you, they're paying attention to what they're doing.  Kids have tunnel vision that way.

So I thought about it, and wondered to myself what the right thing to do really is.  So many times I've seen people go by school zones at thirty or forty miles an hour in the summer, and that can't be right.

Since I'm not an expert on anything law related, I thought that I'd better consult the folks who know. I called down to the Sedalia Police Department and just asked! The nice lady who answered the phone, Stephanie, told me that you do NOT have to drive the school zone speed when school isn't in session.  She reminded me that there is usually a little flashing light at the top of the school zone sign to tell you to observe it.  She said when school isn't in session, you just have to obey the posted regular speed limit.  So if you're booking your way down the street, just go the regular speed limit!

That's not 55, though, sorry.  You and Sammy Hagar will have to be contented with 25 or 30 (for the most part).

Zoningly yours,

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