I never thought this would be something that I would ask myself.  It seems so random and just out of nowhere.  But the other day, I was getting ready to leave for my lunch hour (really shopping for groceries for Husbando was the plan). I look at the busy traffic on Limit/65 Highway, and I start to notice something.  Every car has every window up.  It's a somewhat warm day, but no rain. Not over 80 degrees.   I started to count.  Ten, twenty, twenty five... all windows rolled up.

When I was a kid, we kept the windows down for the most part in the summer time.  My parents wanted to save on gas by not turning on the A/C.  And you didn't turn on the A/C with windows down, ever. That's wasteful!  But now, is that not a thing anymore?  I roll my windows down every now and then. I wonder if I'm subconsciously doing the thing my parents always did. But sometimes, I just straight up cave and keep the air on.

I wonder what it is that's keeping us all rolled up? Is it too hot?  Is it pollution?  I know I've rolled up my windows if I get next to one of those Tyson chicken trucks.  Phew. That stuff STANKS.  Maybe we're all collectively afraid of bees getting in the car when we're driving.  That's valid.  I've gotten a few flies in there, but nothing too crazy. I might have to pull over and straight up panic if there's a bee in my car.  I don't even want to imagine that happening to me.

Or is it maybe an audio thing?  Maybe you don't want to hear someone else's car or their stereo or whatever.  I know it seems like every time someone drives by my house with their speakers all the way up, those windows are always DOWN.  It's like they think they have the greatest taste in music and need to share it with you.  Oh, and please observe how rich they are because they're able to afford such an expensive stereo system on their Ford Pinto.

Me, I like a little breeze. The windows will probably be at  least a little cracked.  And every now and then... if I'm rebellious.... the air will be on, too.

Windowingly yours,


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