Here's another thing to worry about, hooray! There are plenty of downsides to living near a major roadway -- it’s noisy, it’s not as private and it can be dangerous for kids. But a new study suggests that it may also increase your risk for developing dementia.

Researchers in Canada followed two million people over 11 years. They found that patients who lived close to major roadways had a 7 percent higher risk for developing dementia.

Researchers believe that traffic-related air pollution and noise were two of the possible reasons for this uptick in risk.

Now, obviously, we need much more research here, so here’s my take when it comes to the relationship between your environment and your health:

We can’t always choose where we live but we can control how we live.

If you want to resuscitate your home environment, start with air quality first. Indoor plants or air purifiers may help. Here's hoping everybody who lives along the major roadways in Sedalia stays healthy!

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