Because mine sure as HECK do. They heckin' argue with me all dang day.  As soon as I get home every day, there's a rush of kitty energy to the door.  They start meowing and following me around, because apparently I am the Great Food Provider.

I tell them time and and again, "It's not kibble time yet..."  and they just have to mewooorrrrrrrr at me and disagree.  They follow me to my bedroom to get my clothes.


"It's not time yet."

I get in the shower.  They're sitting there on the floor, staring at me.

"You guys.  It's not time yet."

I get dressed, they're all on the bed watching  me.


"It's. Not. Time. Yet."

I get a glass of juice and head to the living room.  The parade follows. They will occasionally remind me that I should put kibble in the bowls.


"Twenty more minutes.  It's not time yet."


"You can wait."

Finally, 3:00 p.m. comes.  I get up, go to the living room, and get the measuring cup out.  I walk over to the bowls in the kitchen....



Okay, so apparently there are little areas where they can see the bottom of the bowl, and that means there's no food at all in the bowl. Fine. I give them each their share, and they go to town.

For two or three bites.

Then, it's back in the living room, like nothing happened. Until they want something, like wanting to sit on me at all times. I move them, backsass. I tell them to get off the table. Backsass. Every heckin day, this happens, constantly backtalkin' to me about the same stuff!   Is this what having kids is like? Geez.

Anyway, here's a cute video of dogs talking back to their owners.

Does your pet backtalk you?  Are they doing something they shouldn't be doing? Tell me all about what they do!

Meowingly yours,



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