Fried chicken is delicious. I don't think anybody's gonna send me an angry email in rebuttal to that point.While I don't need need an excuse to eat delicious fried chicken, it always tastes a little better knowing that you're helping out a great cause while doing it.

I hear you ask, "So, Behk, what is it this time?"  This time it's a charity dinner fundraiser that will benefit local cat and animal shelters.  Namely the Cat Assistance Team and the Windy Hill Dog Haven.  Both of these are doing some great work here in Pettis County to pick up some of the excess that the Sedalia Animal Shelter can't keep up with.  Since these are smaller non profits, every way you can help is great.  Here's the basics from their Facebook:

$10 homemade fried chicken dinner with sides & homemade desserts!  100% of profits GO TO Cat Assistance Team Sedalia & Windy Hill Dog Haven! Local Moose Lodge will host a fundraiser to benefit local non-profit animal rescues. Dinner will be 2 pieces of homemade fried chicken (choice of white or dark), mashed potatoes, green beans, a roll, and delicious homemade dessert choices.... The Moose Lodge will also be hosting a wonderful band for a $10 cover charge. This does not go to the rescues but it DOES go to the Moose Lodge (also a nonprofit) so they can continue serving our community and hosting regular charity events like our dinner!

You've probably heard of the Cat Assistance Team, they're the ones that go out and do a lot of the trap, neuter and release programs.  Now Windy Hill might be a little off your radar - they're in Green Ridge.  They're a small animal rescue that works really closely with dogs to get them their forever homes.

And now, you can eat delicious food, have a night out with music, and know you're helping out a local worthy charity while doing it.  It's been a hard year for everybody, but I know the C.A.T. had a big setback this year.  One of their storage units got broken into, and someone stole hundreds of shoes they were planning to turn in for a fundraiser.  And while Windy Hill is small (they can only keep about three or four dogs on the property at one time), you know they could use all the help out there to try to keep more vulnerable dogs safe.

The event will also have some giveaways and raffles, and of course the band playing after.  That part helps the Moose Lodge! And if you don't wanna stay 'cos you're tired after a long day working or babysitting kids or even if you just wanna stay in your comfy pants, you can get a to-go order, too.

So, stop on by, eat some grub, and help some furry friends!

Chickenly yours,


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