This was probably filmed back late February or early March, so don't freak out about the social distancing thing. At least if it were me, that's what I'd estimate.  They had a two week trip and filmed probably hours of footage. And that takes a lot of editing that you're not going to do as soon as you get home, etc. It wasn't even published til the end of March, so it had to have been weeks before.

Anyway.  I really just... couldn't think of anything to write about. I really just... don't know.  Sometimes you just get stuck, you know? I don't want to write about the Corona thing on an opinion level.  I don't know enough about it and let the experts do the talking on that.  So you know where this is going.  I can't find any ideas that aren't negative. I just want to write about something happy and nice and fun, you know?

Then, I decided to turn off my YouTube playlist and try again to search for something nice on You Tube.  After all, I found a fun one yesterday.


Looking at their channel, it appears they're a nice Russian family that lives in Alaska and does some missionary work.  I think they mention in the video that they came here to visit some relatives.

It's just so sweet. The kids play in the park, they collect acorns at Bothwell Lodge, and generally express that kind of pure curiosity that kids have. And the Mom is trying so hard with her English, it's sooooooo cute. I think she's doing a pretty good job.

So yeah, we may have to stay home now, we may not be able to go and socialise now, but you can still get a piece or two of what we're missing online.

Isolatingly yours,


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