Thanksgiving is next week, so you know the official "holiday" time is upon us. 

Here's something to help keep your relationship intact through the New Year.  According to therapists, these are the five most common things couples fight about during the holidays.  So keep in mind, you're not the only ones . . .

1.  The in-laws.  It can get hard being around your family OR someone else's family for too long.  Especially if they don't like you, or say something nasty.  So try to stick up for each other.  And it's okay to go do something WITHOUT family if you need to get away.

2.  Lazy gift giving.  Meaning one of you doesn't put enough thought into their gift . . . and it's usually GUYS who do it.  So maybe try a little harder this year . . . or just buy her some jewelry and be done with it.

3.  Overspending.  One of you spends too much on presents or plane tickets home, so you get into a fight about finances.  The best thing to do is talk about it early, and agree on a budget.  And remember you don't have to buy your kids EVERYTHING.

4.  Different holiday traditions.  Including big things, like one person wants to go to church and the other doesn't.  Or small things, like their family always gets Chinese food on Christmas, and you think it's dumb.

5.  Holiday party burnout.  Keep in mind it's okay to skip a few parties.  Otherwise you'll try to do too much . . . stress yourselves out . . . and end up annoyed with each other.  Especially if you're both hung over for two weeks straight.

So, here's hoping you don't get into too many disagreements this holiday season.  I know I won't, because... I just don't. Lucky me?

Holidayingly yours,


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