I'm sure you'll notice that the forecast for our little neck of the woods isn't looking too promising for Memorial Day weekend. Sadly, it looks like it's going to rain and storm for most of the weekend.  But does that mean you should stay inside and stare at the rain?  No!  There are things to do indoors this weekend, and I thought I'd share them with you.

1.  Visit the Daum Museum.

This is one of those places that we all know about, and we tell ourselves we're gonna go out there, but we don't do it regularly unless there's an event we're going to on the SFCC campus.  So a rainy weekend is the perfect time to check out the Daum. Both of their current exhibits, "Pairings: Encounter with the Collection" and "The Hill Becomes the Valley -American Landscape Photography from the P. John Owen Collection" end after this weekend.  They're open on Saturday at 1:00 p.m. and admission is free.

2.  Play Magic the Gathering in Forever 10's Planeswalker Weekend Draft. 

My college friends used to get together and play Magic on occasion.  I must say I never really did, and now I have Husbando, who regularly plays card games.  I don't think his are Magic, though. I think his are something about warrior dwarves playing football. But they've got a lot of room and tons of space, so maybe you'll meet a new friend there! If you want some more information you can call them at 660-619-4547.

3.  Visit Bothwell Lodge. 

This is another one of those places that we all know is there, we've been there maybe once or twice, but we haven't been in ages.  But seriously, you should go!  It's so fascinating to take the tour and learn all about the history that happened right in our own backyard.  And, if you're a photo buff, I bet taking photos out the windows of the Lodge in the rain will be quite a scene.

4.  Go to the Open Mic Night at Backwoods Guitar.

They describe the night as "A creative and interactive event showcasing spoken word, music, comedy and other performance arts. The audience can expect both traditional
and avant-garde works. There will also be trivia and games with gift certificates from area businesses up for grabs."  So, basically, local talent!  It'll be happening at their store Friday night at 7:00 p.m.

5.  Eat Some Fried Fish for Kids. 

Burns Chapel Free Will Baptist Church will be hosting a Fried Fish dinner on Saturday at noon. It's a fundraiser for the Youth Department. Fried Fish Dinner menu is Fried Fish, Spaghetti , Cole Slaw, and Dessert. It only costs $7 for all that! And you know you're helping the children, what's better than that?
While I hope for all the parades and outdoor functions that the forecast is wrong, at least you're prepared with a few other ideas.
Rainingly yours,

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