I was spending some quality time on WebMD this past week (because I need to know if every little pain in my body is going to kill me) and I actually managed to LEARN something.  Can you believe it? 

You might think you know yourself pretty well, but chances are you're not aware of THIS stuff.  Here are five things you probably don't know about your own body.

1.)  Your Fingernails Grow Three Times Faster Than Your Toenails.  On average, fingernails grow 3 millimeters per month, toenails grow 1 millimeter, and your HAIR grows about half an inch.

2.)  You Sneeze Faster Than You Drive.  Well, I  HOPE so anyway, because sneezes can travel up to 100 miles an hour.  Coughs can do about 60 mph.

3.)  Your Sweat Is Basically Odorless.  Body odor doesn't happen until your sweat and the bacteria on your skin MIX.  The medical term for abnormally BAD body odor is "bromhidrosis." Don't ask me how to pronounce that.

4.)  The Pupils in Your Eyes Get Smaller as You Age.  By the time you're 60, the maximum diameter of your pupils is about ONE-THIRD what it was when you were 20, which can affect how long it takes for your eyes to adjust in the dark.

5.)  The Smallest Bone in Your Body Is the Size of a Grain of Rice.  It's behind your eardrum, and it's called the "stapes" bone.  That's also where the smallest MUSCLE in your body is.  It helps stabilize the stapes bone, and it's called the "stapedius" muscle.

Now will I remember all that now that I've written it down? Probably not!  But hey, at this moment in time, I knew something that made me sound smartish.

Bodily yours,

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