Whenever people ask me about Husbando, inevitably the conversation will steer to how we met. 

People love these stories, about what led to people deciding to be together. Everyone's is different, and some of them are almost hard to believe.  Mine is pretty standard, although our first initial conversations might have sent us off track.  Husbando and I met on Match.com, and we talked a little online and on texting. He drove up here from Columbia to have a date with me.  He got me a flower, too!


But he almost blew it, big time.  We were texting the next day after our date, and I asked what he was up to.  He said, "Oh, nothing. Just lying naked in my bed."


He immediately realized what he'd said and apologized about seven thousand times.  He was so embarrassed. He was panicking a little, thinking that I'd be offended and write him off. But hey, it turned out alright in the end.

I looked on Reddit and found some doozies!

I met my current girlfriend in jail. We were locked in a room 12 hours at a time every other day for about two months.  We worked in corrections together. She had just started and was being trained in the Control Room. It's a fairly small room and we were basically forced into conversation, and we quickly fell for each other.   - NearlyFearless

You almost had me with that first couple of sentences.

On the Greyhound.

During my time in the Army I was stationed at Ft. Eustis, VA. On my way home (Denver, CO, at the time) for Christmas I saw her sitting across from and slightly behind me. Honestly, I didn't pay much attention to her at first, but my buddy, seated next to her, did. After getting shot down repeatedly for a day and a half, he finally got off the bus. Shortly thereafter she came over and sat next to me and we started talking.

After that we got split up (put on different buses) and I kicked myself for not getting her number. Then, when the bus stopped in St.Louis, there she was standing right there in the entrance, almost like she was waiting for me. If my bus had arrived 15 minutes later I'd have never seen her again.

Then I found out the bus to Denver was delayed due to snow, and wasn't going anywhere for at least two days.  She hurried over to the ticket counter and had my ticket changed to Des Moines, IA (where she was going) so I wouldn't be trapped in St. Louis for two days. We spent the next four days getting to know each other, then I continued home. We had a long distance relationship for about six months until I came home permanently, by which time she had moved to Denver and rented an apartment.

We got married three years later and have been together 10 years total.  - Kevon87

That is just so crazy.  Just a few minutes later, and history would have been different.

Met her on Tinder, we go on a date, we both get hit by a drunk driver while crossing the street, I wake up two days later in the hospital, we agree to become official.  - nishbot

Well at least something good came of it? Maybe?

We were both stood up on Tinder dates at the same restaurant. We both had an awkward "are you (insert name)? With two disappointing no responses we both hung out at the bar for a drink while waiting. We both had no show dates so I asked if she wanted to dine together. Fast forward to now and we are now planning a wedding. - THEoldtosser

There's even some crazy cute meet ups here in Sedalia!

With my old job, I was able to go on this group vacation to Sonoma, California for a wine tasting trip. It was a group of about 30 people from different businesses and tv stations. There was a big welcome dinner and I ended up sitting by this guy from Missouri. ( I lived in Little Rock at the time). We all got to talking and ended up spending the next four days together touring wineries and San Francisco. A year and a half later I moved to Missouri and we’ve been together for nearly 12 years. He was the best souvenir that I brought back.   - Kellie in the TSM Sales Department

san fran

D'AWWW, look at little bebeh Kellie!

And another meet up... at the horror convention?

I kinda knew Dwayne when we both worked at Walmart years and years ago but I didn’t know him that well, we never worked in the same department or anything. Anywho, fast forward to July of 2017 (a decade later) I was at the Horror Convention in St. Joe and Dwayne was there. And I kept bumping into him, after I left for the day he messaged me to see how I liked it and he VERY SMOOTHLY asked me why I didn’t go to the convention with my boyfriend.  I told him it was cause I didn’t have one, to which he replied, I don’t have one either. I was wooed by his smooth moves and we’ve been a thing since shortly after that. - Jenn, also in the TSM sales department

SMOOTH.  So how did you and your significant other meet? Did you work together, go to school together, grow up together? Did you meet online? Let me know in the comments!

Romantically Yours,


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