Driving.  It's pretty much something almost everyone in our area has to do. Sure, they have the OATS bus, but other than that, if you're not driving, you're walking or you're cycling.  And really, we don't see too much of that, do we?  Occasionally I will see that one guy who walks literally all over town with his big backpack and ball cap, but most people drive.

And I like to think I'm a cautious driver, but I'm probably too cautious.  I won't turn if I see cars in any of the two lanes on Limit.  Even someone turning into the right lane when I'm in the left makes me nervous.  I'm a scaredy cat, I know.  But sometimes I'll drive around on my lunch break to clear my head, and I've noticed some intersections are just... almost impossible.  I know I'm probably exaggerating, but here we go.

1.  20th and Grand.

You remember there was like, a blue truck there for ages?  It made it really hard to see when turning left.  Now, there's the blue and gray trash and recycling bins there sometimes (I understand it, everybody has to navigate around those things). And when you're turning right onto Grand, that pole there can make it a little hard to see.  If there's bushes right there? Dang.  I end up second guessing myself half the time.

2.  Grand and Broadway.

I live over in that part of town, so I end up driving down Grand to get to work in the morning. I have to watch myself that I don't creep forward too far, or I'll end up not being able to see due to that box thingy and the trees.  Half the time I end up just waiting for the light, which I'm sure annoys the people behind me.

3.  16th and Engineer.

Trees again! Bushes!  Don't get me wrong, they're beautiful, I don't want them to cut them down.  It just makes me nervous to try to see around them. I don't want to plow into somebody so I end up waiting and waiting.

4.  Third and Engineer.

Sounds like I'm picking on Engineer, but I swear I'm not! There's a weird thing that happens there when you're turning right on Engineer. It's like, to be able to see around the building on the left, you have to almost go out onto the street! It always feels so strange to have to move that far forward.

I'm sure there are other intersections you've been dealing with all these  years. What are some of the intersections here in town you can't wrap your head around?

Drivingly yours,



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