Even if you use Facebook every day, you still might not be doing it right.  The website Lifehacker.com has a list of things a lot of Facebook users do wrong.  Here are the top four.

#1.)  You Haven't Messed with Your Privacy Settings.  According to a new study by "Consumer Reports", 13 million Facebook members in the U.S. haven't.  That's just under 10% of us.  But it's really simple.  Just visit your "privacy settings" page, which you can access in the top right corner of your homepage.

The easiest thing to do is change your default privacy from "public" to "friends," so only your FRIENDS can see what you post.  Or you can choose "custom, and block certain people from seeing what you write . . . like your parents.

#2.)  You Let Facebook Spam Your Email Inbox with Notifications.  Changing your email settings is really easy.  Just go to your account settings in the top right-hand corner of your Facebook page, then click "Notifications" on the left.

On the next page, just scroll down and uncheck the boxes next to anything you don't want to get emailed about . . . like when someone "pokes" you, or comments on a picture you were tagged in.

#3.)  You Don't Filter Your News Feed.  If you haven't messed with the settings, chances are your news feed is packed with stuff you don't care about . . . like baby pictures your ex posted.

Facebook DOES automatically filter it a little bit, but they don't know exactly what to filter unless you tell them. So the next time you see something in your news feed that you don't care about, hover over the message, and click the downward-facing triangle in the upper right-hand corner of it.

It gives you the option to receive ALL of the person's updates, MOST of them, or only the most IMPORTANT ones.  Or you can cut them out of your news feed completely, without unfriending them.

#4.)  You Complain About Features You Hate, but Don't Fix Them.  A lot of people do this.  But there's a Facebook extension called SocialFixer that can get rid of just about anything you don't like, including your chat bar and your timeline.

It also lets you filter your news feed even MORE.

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