Husbando and I have been together about five years now. When I first got my mitts on him, his credit was TERRIBLE.When we moved in together, I saw just how bad he was with money. So, I took over as the Financial Director of our little family. I pay the bills, I dole out allowance, and I make sure we've got a savings account. So now, things are still a little rough from time to time, but much better.  We've learned to manage credit and debt. I had to learn it the hard way, so hopefully you won't.

According to the website, here are four things you should never borrow money for.

1.  A boat, or any kind of vehicle you don't NEED.  Like if you need to have a truck for work, then get a loan.  But not if you just want to tool around on an ATV for fun.  Stuff like that usually comes with other expenses that you don't think about.


2.  A vacation.  If you can't afford to drop $3,500 and take your family to Disney World for a week, don't do it.  There are plenty of other options that are cheaper.


3.  A wedding.  It's becoming more and more common to take out a huge loan so you can have your dream wedding.  But most people end up regretting it, because you end up starting out under a mountain of debt.


Which is why guys probably shouldn't borrow ten grand for a huge engagement ring either.


4.  Furniture, including big-screen TV's.  If you can get zero percent financing and pay it off in time, then MAYBE.  But even then, you're better off buying something cheaper, or waiting until you've saved up.

So hopefully you'll learn from my mistakes and flourish financially!

Monetarily yours,

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