I was thinking a lot about some of my experiences growing up in Sedalia since I told you the story about my 4 year old self getting the cops called on me.In doing that, I'm finding some memories are pretty clear, but some are a little fuzzy.  I can remember details here and there, but maybe I'm getting old. Anyway, I'm trying to remember something specific and I thought I'd ask you lot.

Every summer, it was a huge treat to get to have some ice cream. My parents were trying a little bit of a health kick (they owned a Soloflex) so they didn't keep TOO many sweets in the house. Letting us go out for ice cream was a huge deal too, since money could be tight from time to time.

But, when I'd been good or if it was someone's birthday or some kind of special occasion, out for ice cream we'd go. There was an ice cream shop in right behind Bing's. I wanna say it was in that little strip of stores between where the pharmacy and the rental place is now.

I can remember having strawberry ice cream from there one day with my grandmother (Virginia from the police post) and then going to Bing's to pick up something or other. I don't know what happened but we were in the produce section and I just yacked all over the place. I was whisked to the back employee bathroom but the damage had been done. I was off strawberry ice cream for YEARS after that. I can remember that plain as day, but I cannot remember the name of that little ice cream store.

HAAAAAAAALP.  Fill in my fuzzy memory for me? Maybe you can leave a comment and tell me about some of your fuzzy Sedalia memories, and we can fill in each other's blanks.

Rememberingly yours,

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