I've never really been very good with keeping anything alive that requires soil to survive.So really, it's been a minor miracle that I've been able to keep this one plant going for so long. This is Steve. He's my plant. I have no idea what he is (I respect his privacy). I don't know why he's a boy, but he just is. I've had him forever, and he seems to do much better inside than he does outside. I used to have him in the studio, and his.... vines (?) used to be really long and have several leaves on them. Then, there was a period of time where he lived outside. He did not fare so well. He lost a lot of his leaves that way. So I took him back inside, where the cats tried to eat him. So, obviously, I had to take him back here to the stations. I've got him in my office now.

Green thumbers, Steve seems to be okay. I water him regularly, and he gets at least four or five hours of brightish light a day, and then maybe another four of softer light. He's doing better than he was, but... he's not growing very much.  What can I do? Should I transfer him to a different pot? Should I be giving him fertilizer? Should I be trimming him?


Please tell me some of your tips to get an indoor plant to grow and flourish, gardening types. Please, share your magic with me, so I can treat Steve a little better.

Plantfully yours,


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