We're entering the seventh day of the Missouri State Fair. By now, if you've ventured onto the fairgrounds, you've most likely had something that's caused your cholesterol count to skyrocket.

So here's pretty much your main choices from the menus at the fair...deep fried or on a stick. (Or both!) Either way, you can't help to dig into one of the fair's delacacies.

According to an article on YouGov, the favorite deep fried and battered foods we like at the state fair are bacon, ice cream and apple pie. Believe it or not, at the the bottom of the list is deep fried butter and soda.

When it comes to foods that are on a stick, you may or may not have to venture off the fairgrounds to purchase and consume a few of these. From YouGov, here's the favorites: corn dogs . . . popsicles . . . meat kebabs . . . caramel apples . . . and lollipops.

So here's to throwing caution to the wind and enjoying all the Missouri State Fair foods!



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