It's time for our latest Unsung Hero with Central Bank of Sedalia - Sheri Hancock!

Sheri is the kind of lady who is "always doing something".  I think you'll notice a pattern with a lot of these Unsung Heroes - they're just people who can't let others suffer if there's something they can do about it.  That's definitely a category we can put Sheri Hancock in.  Not only did she give her career in public service, but she continues with even more in her retirement.  So, let's get the full story. She was nominated by her daughter, Keri Harris.  Here's what Keri had to say.

She volunteers at the hospital gift shop,  and the community blood drives. She also serves coffee at her church on Sundays. She is involved in a woman's club ' Be Forever Young'.  She's Always willing to help anywhere and everywhere she can. Such an amazing wonderful woman!!! Her and my father owned the Robo car wash on Main and Park in Sedalia for many years.

It got a bit emotional there, but with good cause. I know that giving blood is a huge local need, and that's something that's close to Sheri's heart.  She was saved with a blood transfusion in the past, and so she wants to make sure other people have that same life saving opportunity.

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Here, have a listen to her interview with our own newsman, Randy Kirby.

Sheri will continue to do her best to keep helping everyone she can for as long as she can.  And if you know someone who is also working just as hard as Sheri behind the scenes, you should nominate them to be one of our Unsung Heroes here.


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