Happy National Hot Sauce Day!

Hot sauce has been a seasoning for thousands of years now and today is the day to celebrate it. Great on so many different foods and different levels of heat to test anyone's pain tolerance. Here are Teo the Intern's top choices of hot sauce to help celebrate National Hot Sauce Day.

El Yucateco (red or green)
El Yucateco can usually be found in most stores and in Mexican restaurants. It has a great tangy taste to it with the use of grilled habenero peppers and is a vinegar based hot sauce. Both red and green are a medium-mild in heat with green being a bit more spicy than red.
Scoville heat units: 8900 units (green) 5800 units (red)

Sirracha is a famous thai hot sauce that most people know. Can be found in most stores and in any oriental restaurants. It uses chili peppers and put it into a paste mixed with vinegar, garlic and sugar. It has a very sweet taste and is great in chicken, beef, and soup dishes.
Scoville heat units: 2500 units

High River Rouge
High River Rouge is a hot sauce for those who likes it really hot. This hot sauce is a hard find in stores but can be ordered online. This hot sauce is really fruity and sweet but don't get comfortable yet, ghost peppers are used in this hot sauce.Unlike most hot sauces, it has an applesauce base to it. It has a big burning after taste to it that gives you that false sense of hope. This one is great on wings.
Scoville heat units: 200,000 units

Blair's Mega Death Sauce with Liquid Rage
This hot sauce is not for the faint of heart and tests those who are bold enough to try it. This hot sauce is easily ordered online. There is no real taste to this hot sauce other than there is nothing but pain to it. This hot sauce has Hbanero peppers,Chipotle peppers, and is molasses based. I only had this on wings and really don't have any recommendations on what you should put it on.
Scoville Heat Units: 550,000 units

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