I have been trying to expand our snacking horizons lately, considering a lot of different things are out of stock with all this craziness going on. Sure, Husbando still keeps his staples like hummus and pita chips, home made chips and salsa, cheese and crackers, the usual.  But I've decided to throw in some more options, like apples, oranges, bananas (ick), so he has more to choose from. I probably should have been doing that all along, really.

So the other day, after dinner, Husbando asks me if I would get him some dessert. I say, "Sure, what would you like?"  He says, "Something sweet."  Not much input, but I can use my imagination.  Into the kitchen I go, and I bring him back a couple of peeled oranges.

His reaction? "What is this? Oranges aren't dessert!"

"What do you mean oranges aren't dessert!? You asked for something sweet, oranges are sweet, heck, there's orange flavored candy everywhere!"

"Dessert is not oranges."  But, he ate said oranges, and the NEXT NIGHT, asked for oranges after dinner.  Yet, he still does not conceded that oranges or even fruit in general can be classified as dessert.  I disagree.


He's not too thrilled I'm taking his picture here, but those were the oranges He Asked For. So what do you think, who's right?  Most of my friends on social media vote no.  But, I don't get it!  Oranges are sweet!  Apples are sweet! Sure, they're not as sweet as an oatmeal or sugar cookie, but they're better for you!  And who wants the same thing for dessert, night after night? Not me!  Back when you could still go to a buffet, they'd always have fruit in the dessert section, right next to the cookies and cakes.  I know that I've grabbed some pineapple for dessert from time to time.

So what is it - oranges are dessert, right? Fruit counts as dessert, or no?

Orangely yours,

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