I'm not saying the TJ Maxx in Sedalia doesn't have any designer clothes. But right now there is a good chance clothes from some major upscale brands are going to be hard to find. The same goes for sister store Marshalls and other similar store stores like them.

CNN is reporting that major clothing brands like Ralph Lauren, Under Armour, Carter's, Steve Madden, and Levi's have all recently said they're moving away from putting clothes in discount chains.

The problem, like a lot of issues right now, is the supply chain. Discount retailers like TJ Maxx thrive and get a lot of higher-end products when there's a glut of them. Right now, that's not the case. Manufacturers don't have the inventory, so they don't need to put clothing in the discount stores.

So how long will the supply chain issues last? Fox 8 in Cleveland reports that Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg said the supply chain issues could last into next year. And Buttigieg mentioned it's not just an issue on the supply side causing issues, it's also demand. He characterized it as "off the charts."

Edward Hertman, a former executive at a sourcing company, in a piece in Fast Company believes the supply chain will never get back to normal. He believes that the workers to man our supply chain in the 21st century just don't exist. For example, he cites that it's a great idea to open the Port of Los Angeles 24 hours a day, but if they can't staff it for 18 hours a day, how will they find people to keep it open 24 hours?

Secondly, he says we haven't invested in our infrastructure in decades. And that includes evolving it as our buying habits changed from buying things from stores to getting things delivered. He thinks President Biden's infrastructure improvements will eventually help, but that could take years or decades.

So where does that leave the person that wants to find a bargain at the Sedalia TJ Maxx or the Warrensburg Marshalls? Very lucky if you actually find a great pair of Levi's or a Ralph Lauren dress shirt.

Bottom line, if you have champagne taste, expect to pay more for the champagne for a long time.

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