I hate wastage.  I mean, I really hate it. It just seems so unnecessary.  I am so thankful to have enough money to buy things we need and a few things we want, and I'm not a fan of wasting money.  So when you have food in your fridge and it goes bad, that's wasting money to me.

I will try to use what I've got as soon as I can, and I will force Husbando to eat leftovers when we have them (the man cannot cook for two, he always cooks for an army).  But every now and then, something has to slip by.

So every Monday, I will go through the fridge and check stuff. Is the lettuce still good?  What about the spinach?  I know the milk is good, did that cheddar get moldy?  How's the lunchmeat doing?  If something has gone bad, that's it.  It's gone.  But other than that, I find that I'm not really "cleaning out" the fridge like I probably should be.

Are we ever going to eat those chocolate bars that got overheated?  No.  Are we going to use that wheat germ? No.  And that mint jelly.  We used it once.  Are we having lamb anytime soon?  No.  So there's my problem. If we're not going to eat it, do I still hang on to it? It seems wasteful to throw it away.  But it is just.... taking up space.  Space that could be occupied by another bottle of hot sauce.

But you can't donate food that's been used.  So what would you do? Do you just chuck it, or let it chill and try to find a way to use it?

Cos I really don't know what to do with that wheat germ.  At all.

Foodily yours,

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