In my job, I have to use a computer every day.  Pretty much all day long. You probably do, too.  That's just the way of the world these days.  Most of the time, I don't even notice that I'm doing it.  I'm sure my grandmother would not be pleased with my posture.  If you do it for too long, it can give you headaches, or backaches, or neckaches, or even migraines. Anyway, it's a thing, and what do we do to stop it?

I consulted a few health websites and got the general consensus. Here are a few tips I found on the information highway.

1.  Make  yourself stop slouching. 

Basically you should be sitting up straight.  Your computer should be below your eye level, and your wrists should be comfortably placed on your keyboard, a ninety degree angle from your arms.  There are a ton  of "ergonomic" ways to set up your computer, or you might even try a standing desk.

2.  Take breaks. 

You need to get up and walk around a little! Most sites say you should get up about every half an hour or so for at least a minute.  Another site suggested you could even set an alarm to make yourself get up.  Maybe use a Fitbit?

3.  Do some stretches. 

I saw quite a few little things to do like neck stretches or super crazy yoga stuff, but I think the orange one is the best.  What's the orange one? OH I'LL TELL YOU.  Basically what you have to do is sit up, put both feet flat on the floor,  and "engage your abdominals" which is a fancy way of saying "suck it in a little". Then you relax your shoulders, and pretend you have an orange between your shoulder blades that you REALLY need to squeeze. You gotta get all that juice outta there and you can only do it by moving your shoulder blades down and back.  You do that a few times a few times a day, and it helps.

What are some of your methods to fight the slouch?

Correct sitting posture. Vector infographics
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Slouchingly yours,


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