I mean, I'm not a fibber, it's not like that. I'm sure you know what I mean.

We all have mindless, knee-jerk responses to basic questions . . . like, if someone asks how you're doing, you probably say, "I'm good" or "I'm fine" whether you're WONDERFUL or MISERABLE.  That's just what humans do.

What are some other things you ALWAYS say but rarely ever mean?  I find that I have quite a few, anyway.


1.  "Let's get together soon."  I may WANT to hang out with the person soon, but how often do you follow up and actually make it happen?


2.  "I hate that."  I don't really HATE minor little things.


3.  "What?"  I heard what the person said but didn't pause for even a second to process it without instinctively saying, "What?"  I might not have been listening, sorry.


4.  "I'm so sorry."  I'm  not really that sorry.


5.  "I'll definitely consider it."  That means I probably already HAVE considered it, the answer is NO, but... I'm bad at conflict sometimes and disappointing people, so I end up deflecting.


6.  "Bless you."  After someone sneezes, we say it to be polite . . . not to actually bless someone.  Well, half the time I don't even say that, I say "Gesundheit".  I read somewhere that people in Germanic countries say it.  It means "health".  Makes sense.


7.  "I'll just do it tomorrow."  Yeah.  Yeah..... I probably won't.

Do you ever end up kind of just saying stuff you don't mean?  Is it with everyone, or just with certain people?

Fibbingly yours,


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