Hammer was one of those guys that EVERYBODY knew.  I got to thinking about him the other day and decided to do a little reminiscing. 

Sure, okay, he was a little eccentric.

But he was super sweet!  I didn't know him very well, but I knew his real name was Daryl. He introduced himself to me at my very first live remote at Russell Stover as Hammer.  He talked to me like he'd known me all his life, even though we'd never met.

Occasionally he'd call the radio station when I was working.  He'd tell me I was lucky, and that I should give him some lottery numbers.  I'd always try to oblige him and pick a few.  He would tell me that he was going to win the lottery and use the money to build a new Senior Center.

Hammer loved football, and he would always try out for the Outlaws, a local indoor team Sedalia had for a few years.  Sometimes when he'd call for the lotto numbers he'd tell me a story or two from his high school football days.  If I remember rightly he was also a big supporter of Smith Cotton football.

We had a tornado literally go by our radio station some years ago, very scary stuff.  Hammer made sure to tell everyone to stay positive, and to check in on the seniors.

That's what he was all about, positivity and looking on the bright side of life.  I guess I'm thinking about him now because the Fair is coming up, and I'd see him out there every now and then.  He'd always tell me he was going to get a time machine to go back in time and win the lotto, and he would use the money to help Sedalia.

Now did he really buy a time machine? I..........doubt it.  Did he heal the dealership? I......also have my doubts about that one.  He was a little crazy, sure.  But he was OUR crazy, dangit.  And aren't we all a little crazy in our own way? I know I have my own brand of nutso, sure.  It's sad that he's gone.  He died in his sleep back in March.  He was with his family down there, I guess he'd been sick for a while.

What are some of your memories of Hammer?

Nuttily yours,


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