I'm not what you'd call a natural cook.  For years, as a single lady, usually "cooking" was putting milk in cereal. But now that I live with a former chef, he challenges me to do more with our dinners.  For some reason, he feels like every time he cooks, he has to reinvent the wheel.  You know, some kind of crazy cous cous prepared with turkey broth or something, the usage of the word "chiffonade", and inevitably there's something with capers, which I didn't even know existed until about five years ago.

So he's so fancy in his cooking, that it shocks me how simple he wants his dishes from me. He doesn't want me to do anything super crazy and wants it all just plain.  I don't get it! Why does his dinner have to be four star, and my cooking is nothing more ambitious than grilled cheese? I can do kind of fancy now!  I've watched enough of the Food Network to know some stuff!

But seriously, he just doesn't want anything to be complicated when I cook it.  Even stuff I don't cook, like salad.  You can't cook salad, really.  But I like my salad to have STUFF in it, like when you go to the salad bar somewhere.  If there's bacon bits, I want that.  Peas? Sure.  Three kinds of lettuce? You know it.  Olives? You bet.  I want it all.


Heck yeah there's green onions in there! Parsley! Parmesan cheese! Croutons! All of the fixings, all in one plate!


Him? No.  Cheese and croutons.  That's all he wants.  BUT WE HAVE BACON BITS.  Why would you turn down bacon at any given opportunity?! Now watch, the next time he makes dinner there will be some kind of "buerre blanc" or a "sachet" or some other crazy thingamajig.

Do you like your salad to have stuff in it, or do you want it plain like Husbando? I need to know where you stand on this, people.

Saladly yours,


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