The Check War is real.  I'm sure it's something you've fought a few times.

Picture if you will, a nice family outing.  You can even imagine it being a certain Husbando's birthday dinner at a lovely local Mexican restaurant.  Four people sat together in a booth, post meal, having a little chat.

Then, the waiter comes up.  In his hand, he has one small slip of paper. The paper that will inspire the upcoming war.  Every time we go out to dinner or anything with my Father, he will insist upon paying the bill.  Me, my sister, Husbando, almost everyone - has tried at some point or another to try to pay the bill instead of him.  It's even turned into low key arm wrestling a  Chinese buffet.  I really don't know of any occasion we've been out to eat that he hasn't insisted upon paying the bill.

But this time, this time I was determined. I had the Eye of the Tiger.  Dad has just given us cash for Husbando's birthday, and for Christmas. It was already too much, because he's so generous.  I wasn't going to let him get this one.  The poor, unsuspecting waiter came, and I snapped into action. I plucked the bill right away from his hands with agility and speed unmatched by anyone since Bruce Lee himself.

I squirrelled it away because I knew the protest would come.  And it did.  He held out his hand and said, "Give it."  NOPE. I promptly sat it under my leg, on the opposite side of him, so he couldn't get to it. He asked for it again.  "I don't know what you're talking about." Husbando then rolled his eyes and asked if we were ready to go. Of course I am. I'm ready to go pay this bill.

I get to the counter, and again, Dad asked for the bill.  But no, I got it into the cashier lady's hands with my card.  The deed was done.  He started to pull out his wallet to give me cash. I turned around and looked like I couldn't see him.

Finally, he gave up and said he'd go start the car.  You know what it felt like?

Yes.  Sweet, sweet victory.  Even if it was just once, I managed to pay for a meal. I'm going to have to be vigilant, though ... I don't know if he'l let me win again so easily.

Do you have Check Wars with anybody in your life?  Friends, family? Does it get extreme like ours, or are you... normal people?

Winningly yours,

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