I mean, it's not bad, by any means.  

I was on the internets the other day, trying to think of something to write about, as one does when one is in my profession.  I went to the YouTubes and tried to find some videos about Sedalia or maybe from Sedalians.  I found a video of two Vietnamese guys eating burritos on 16th street but I couldn't really understand what they were saying because.... I don't speak Vietnamese, and there were no subtitles.  It appeared like they were having a good time on vacation, though.  I gathered they were on a road trip across America, maybe?  Anyway.  Then I found this.

It's by a band out of Austin, Texas, called The Raven Tree.  They sound kinda like Band of Horses, to me.  I'm not sure what the song is actually about, though.  I can make out most of the words, but they... are kind of obscure. Something about feeling crazy and seeking the truth and stalkers? It's got kind of a little bit of a trippy/scary vibe to it.  Like if you heard this song in a horror movie, something is probably going to kill you.

I did some more research and discovered that they had one album in 2007, with this song on it.  They have a MySpace page, but that looks to be about it.  I wonder what the connection is.  I know there MUST be another definition of the word "Sedalia" because there was that one song and then the other song called "Sedalia"... but I can't find any kind of definition. I mean, they can't all be about us, right? I looked at at least ten different online dictionaries, the big trusted ones, and I got nothing. I did find a few people named Sedalia, but no definitions. I even looked it up in different languages.  Spanish, French, German, nothing. I know there are other towns in America named Sedalia... maybe it's about a place instead? I don't know. All I know is, this is getting weird. Am I going to find any more songs named "Sedalia"? How many could there possibly be?  WHY.

Do you have any idea why these songs keep popping up? What do you think the word "Sedalia" means to them?

Songingly yours,


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