Everyone has different schedules, and mine's no exception.I get up super early, and get home in the early afternoon.  I know people work overnights, mid-days, swing shifts, some people don't work, etc.  So we all have our different routines and different schedules.

But I think my schedule might be giving my neighbors the wrong impression.

Like I say, I get up super early, and I'm home kind of early as well.  I have crazy thick curly hair, and so I shower as soon as I get home, because it has to air dry.  Well, I could blow dry it but I don't even know where the dryer is anymore, and it would require the use of a diffuser - which is either broken or long gone.  So air drying it is, and that takes time.  Think at least two and a half if not three hours.  If I go to bed with wet hair... well.  Let's just say it would end up being a tragedy for the poor people who have to look at the confused bird's nest that would emerge on the top of my head.

So since I shower as soon as I get home, it's not like I'm going to change back into work clothes or "outside clothes" after that.  If I have an errand to run I do it on my lunch break or as soon as I leave work, so post shower time is staying at home time.  It's not like I'm going to pop out at 4:00 p.m. to go pay the water bill.  This is not happening.

That means that the stuff I do around the house, like getting the mail or picking the Plainsman up off the sidewalk is sometimes done in my pajamas.  I must look like the laziest person on the planet when my neighbors see this.  But I swear, I can do normal stuff like sweep the floor, feed the cats, and cook dinner in my sweatpants.

So if someone comes to my door at 4:45, I'm in pajamas.  Pizza ordered at 6:00 p.m.? Sweatpants.  Prospective neighbor that comes by to ask about the neighborhood at 3:30? Sweatpants.

Maybe I am the weird one here, after all.  Most people can probably come home and just hang out for a bit and then shower after dinner or something.  Am I really the only one that goes into "comfy clothes mode" as soon as I get home?

Comfily yours,

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