I am a person who will randomly get the hiccups. I don't get it! I'll be plugging along, minding my own, and then bam, hiccups. And mine are the kind that always seem to last FOREVER. I mean, I'm lucky I'm not one of those unfortunate souls that has hiccups for years or anything. But my hiccups can easily last twenty minutes, which when you talk for a living, is a Very Long Time.

I've done all kinds of different searches for hiccup cures. I've heard someone has to scare you.  I've heard you can hold your breath for a minute. I've heard you can eat a dill pickle, or a tablespoon of peanut butter.  When my nephew was small, someone told me to cure his hiccups I could rub his earlobe. I've heard you can try chugging water until they go away.

But the thing is, every thing that I try, if it works once, it never seems to work twice. I tend to lean towards the food related ones, but they're kind of hit and miss.

So, I reach out to you, fair reader. I'm sure you've had the hiccups a few times in your life. What works for you? Is there an old fashioned method your Grandma taught you that works? Should I turn to science?

Let me know what you do in the comments!

Hiccupingly yours,

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