I'm one of those people that remembers my dreams. When I go to sleep, strange things happen.I'm sure you've had a few things go strangely in your sleep.  For me, if I'm not doing something completely insane, I'm doing something so normal that it confuses me.  Sometimes I'll have very realistic, vivid dreams about stuff in my personal life or here at work, and I'll forget that what happened wasn't real.  I remember I had a dream one time that Husbando took me out to a horse farm, where we took lessons for a few hours.  I have never ridden a horse in my life, but I tell you, that felt real.  Like the way it smelled, the sounds, the bouncing,.... I don't know where my subconscious got all that information.  I mean, I've seen horses, sure, but only to like, take pictures of them at the Fair or something.  I don't think I've ever actually been IN a horse barn in my life.

So sure, the vividly realistic ones are one thing, but the absurdly delusional ones are another. One time this week I had a dream about a small rainbow creature that made everyone sing along with the same wordless song over the air in our studios.   I know, right?  What is up with that?!  Are the rainbow creatures coming to hypnotize us or something? You know, after the mess of a year that was 2020... I wouldn't be surprised.

So why don't you tell me all about the weirdest dream you remember having?  Do you have recurring dreams, or recurring themes?

Sleepily yours,


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