You may not agree with me on this one, but here goes. 

For a long time, there wasn't much over past Wal Mart on Winchester.  There wasn't much need for a stop sign there, because there wasn't anything to turn to.  But as the Bothwell services have expanded over there, and there's a lot more housing over there now, traffic was becoming a problem.

Well, a Sedalia problem.  You know how we are sometimes, we can think something is a Major Concern when it's really just a small town problem.  It was an inconvenience at times, but I started taking it more seriously when there were more and more accidents. If it's getting dangerous, it's not just a Sedalia Problem anymore.

And now, it's pretty dang clear that you're going to stop there.  There's a sign, there's writing on the pavement, and heck, the sign even LIGHTS UP.  How can you miss that? Well, I shouldn't speak too soon.  Just because I couldn't miss it, doesn't mean it's the same for everyone.  Stuff happens.

There is one thing, though, that gets me.  Sometimes I'll be over on 10th in that area, because my bank is right there on the corner, and my pharmacy/doctor's office is also right there (along with Husbando's favorite car wash).  So I'll be headed up to the four way to Winchester, and I'll see them.  People really rolling through the four way. Not even pretending to come to a full stop. Just going through like it's nothing. I mean, come on, people.  How much do they have to do to get you to stop your vehicle for five seconds?!  Is what you're doing so important that you have to put other people in harm's way? Who decided that what you're doing is more important than what I'm doing?  Or the dude behind me? I don't see any flashing lights on your Tahoe, KAREN.

And really, isn't it part of driving? Didn't we all collectively agree when we decided to study and practice for our licenses, that we'd agree to follow the basic rules of the road? It works, if you follow the dang rules. I think the four way stop is a good idea, and when people actually pay attention while they're driving, it works. It's not so much to ask, is it?  And while you're at it, get off your phone.  AND GET OFF MY LAWN, TOO.

What do you think of the intersection at 10th and Winchester? Do you think the four way is working? Do you like the idea of having a four way stop there?

Stoppingly yours,

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