In the past few years, I've done a little something at least on Thanksgiving. There have been times when I've done a full on, huge dinner, and it was fun.  I remember one in particular where I tried to get fancy, and there were so many people in my little dining room, it was crazy.  One year I made a turkey breast in the Crock Pot, and that was delicious. But this year... nah.

My sister lives out of town now, and we don't have the girls for Thanksgiving (they're with their Mom).  So it would just be me, my dad, and Husbando. And my dad has never been too big on Thanksgiving.  So why cook a huge meal for three people? Maybe I'll pick up some turkey cold cuts or something and we'll have turkey sandwiches.

Or, maybe we won't have to do it at all. I don't need to follow conventional traditions if I don't want to.  I can do whatever I want, I'm an adult! Maybe we'll have tomato soup! Maybe we'll have Chinese food! Maybe I'll make pizza!


Oh, now that is indeed rebellious.  It just seems like a weight of responsibility has been lifted! I guess I could go to someone else's house on Thanksgiving, but... I don't know if that's really that important.  I just saw my dad's side of the family a while back, and I'm going to see my mom's extended family coming up in December.  I don't have grandparents anymore, and really... there isn't anybody to cook a turkey for.  And hey, that's not a bad thing. Sure, turkey is delicious, but it's not what Thanksgiving is about, right? You're supposed to take the time to be thankful for your family and your life and all the good things you've got going for you.  So that's what I'll do.  I'll just sit on the couch like any other normal day, but I'll take a minute and appreciate the couch.

I do appreciate you, couch.

And I guess my family, too.  And Husbando.  And my job.  My pets. And you, the person who read this!  I appreciate you, too!

What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving? Tell me all about it!

Thankfully yours,


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