Today, October 9th, is my wedding anniversary.  

Husbando and I got married after being together for about four years. We've had our ups and downs just like everyone else in the world who is in a long term relationship. He's a pretty good guy, though, and loves to give me presents. So I knew I had to step up my game when it came to our first wedding anniversary. And the result is, If I May Say So Myself, pretty awesome.

I got it from a website that's just perfect for man gift giving, Man Crates. That's not the only thing I got him, obviously, but the other present isn't funny, so it's not as entertaining. The other present was a personalized book of the front pages from his birthday of the New York Times for every year since his birth. It's a nerdy thing, he's into history and stuff. Anyway, Happy Anniversary again Husbando, and I hope you enjoyed your presents.

Samantha Williams
Samantha Williams

Anniversally yours,

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