So Husbando went to the doctor a while back for a checkup. I don't remember the thing that he has is called, but it's something to do with your digestion.  So his doc told him that he needs to cut out several different foods.  Things like chips, seeds, nuts, corn, popcorn, crackers, and the like.  She said he could eat as much cheese as he wants, though, so it's not all bad.   She did give him the go ahead to keep enjoying hummus and salsa, so he's happy about that.

What he is not happy about is having to give up his snackin'.  He's a big time snacker.  He loves to sit and watch NCIS reruns or MASH reruns and eat some snacks.  So I tried to think of solutions to the problem so he's not a pouting mess all the time.  To the store I went!


Fruits and veggies are good.  I got him some carrots to eat his hummus with instead of pretzels.  Bananas are disgusting, but he likes them.  Got some apples, some dried fruits, yogurt covered raisins... but all of these are kind of sweet. There's got to be something savory in a snack that isn't going to break the rules.  Then it hit me! Make some more home made chips!


I did this a while back and it turned out pretty good.  You buy some won ton wrappers, cut em up and bake them.  You can put little flavorings on them as you like. I took the popcorn flavoring stuff and used that.  Now he can have his chips while not having chips.  Entirely baked, so hopefully it'll be healthier!  And no more pouting.

What kind of things do you like to snack on?  Do you try to snack healthy?  What should we try as another healthy snack for husbando?

Snackily yours,


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