Back in January, I wrote a story about an underground complex in Kansas City called Subtropolis that would make a perfect location for Batman's Bat Cave. Yet Batman doesn't have to limit himself to Kansas City for the perfect underground lair. Springfield Underground, at the location of the old J. Griesmer Quarry by Route 66 and the Old Frisco line would be perfect too.

With over 3.2 million square feet of leasable space in a climate-controlled cave, Springfield Underground would be perfect for Batman and the Batmobile. it's also perfect for storage and logistics companies.

The impressive facility has 25 buildings and 224 loading docks. The ambient temperature is always 62 degrees. And there are 30-foot ceilings. Springfield Underground has three miles of roads in their caves, as well as three miles of railroad track. Did I mention it's convenient to Interstate 44 and Highway 65?  This is according to the Springfield Underground website.

Springfield Underground isn't new either. It's been around for over 50 years. The first 250,000 feet of warehouse underground was built in 1960 while mining was still taking place at the former limestone quarry. Eventually, the quarry operation, a real estate investment company, and a warehouse management company all merged to form Springfield Underground.

Believe it or not, quarry operations at the facility continued until ceasing in 2015. Springfield Underground, however, has a sister company called Westside Stone, where their quarry customers can still do business.

The Springfield Underground website also debunks the myth that they're a government-funded cheese cave squirreling away the United States cheese deposits. They want folks to know they're not a government facility, but a multi-generational family business that can store stuff underground for all businesses. And yes, they have cold storage facilities perfect for cheese.

That said, according to Desert News, there are 1.4 billion pounds of government-owned cheese stored underground in Springfield, they don't say where though. Not to mention the Springfield News-Leader tried to get to the heart of the cheese cave myth and found Kaft has been aging cheese at Springfield Underground for 30 years because it's close to their Springfield plant.

The Dairy Farmers of America is also a customer of Springfield Underground storing seven million pounds of raw material there. So the theory of Missouri's underground cheese caves isn't a complete myth.

Keep scrolling as we check out another underground lair perfect for Batman, and apparently for storing cheese and dairy products too.

Let's Head Underground And Check Out Missouri's Cheese Cave

Springfield Underground is a 3.2 million square foot facility free from exposure to outdoor elements. Underground it's always 62 degrees, and the subterranean space is home to 25 buildings, with 224 freight docks, and is popular with dairy producers for storage of their products and materials. Let's head underground and look at how Springfield Underground came to be and ride through it.

You can check out a video of the facility from CrazyBags on Youtube.

Gallery Credit: Rob Creighton

You Can Buy This '60s Era Old West Theme Park in Warsaw

Did you ever experience the 1800s-inspired theme park in Warsaw on the way to Lake of the Ozarks in the '80s or '90s? It opened in 1979 according to Four States Homepage and closed in 1995. This little pioneer village was a labor of love for Marion Shipman and his family until it closed. Now they'd like to see someone else with a passion for entertaining and the old west bring it back to life.

Take a look at all the pictures. I think it'd be a great place to show off blacksmithing, carpentry, and the arts and crafts of the pioneer west, offer gifts for sale, and fun place to step back in time and get a drink, use the bathroom, and get into that Lake of the Ozarks vibe. Heck, someone could make bank updating the buildings and making it a themed Airbnb or bed and breakfast.

The property is being offered for $295,000 through Susan Newman at Missouri Lakes Realty.

Gallery Credit: Rob Creighton

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